Earthbound | Saving The Planet One Job At A Time
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Ph: 502-773-2489Goshen, Kentucky

Tree Care

Whether you need tree removal services after a storm, seasonal tree plantings tree pruning services, or tree selection for a new land site, we pride ourselves on having the best landscaping team to design, install and give maintenance to your commercial and residential landscape projects. A certified landscape architect is available to consult on any project or master plan!

Full-Service Landscape Management

We provide the analysis, planning and design to perfect your landscape management so that seasonal selections can fit right in to your overall design. Whether you are looking to build rain gardens or do flower bed cleanup with appropriate selections or needing regular maintenance for vibrant ornamental beds, turf renovations, and other foilage, or just ready to make new landscape plans for a greener, sustainable environment, we stand ready to provide you with quality commercial and residential care.

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

In order to have a green healthy lawn, rich colorful flowers all season long, and irrigation system is mandatory. We pride ourselves in offering the most environmentally sound irrigation systems on the market, using the latest water saving technology. We incorporate drip tubing, specialized nozzles, and cutting edge control timer clocks thats work with wifi to never waste endless amounts of water. Our team is aware irrigation is a wasteful practice, but its essential in providing the desired landscapes. With proper management you can save thousands of gallons of water each year.

Professional trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs

Seasonally your property may require prunings, tree care associated with storm damage assessment and shrub re-plantings, large tree transplants, sprinkler systems, landscape lighting, large tree work and stump grinding. Earthbound Landscaping is committed to excellence on each and every landscaping job. Our mission is to provide professional and top-notch quality service for you.

De-Icing and Snowplowing

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Commercial and Residential Landscaping Projects for the Louisville, KY surrounding areas


Landscaper Commitment

How Do We Save the Planet One Job at a Time? Our promise to you is that we recycle and re-use everything we can, and our approach to each job is one of conservation. You can be confident that we bring an understanding of the environment for sustainability and an efficient use of your landscape as well as aesthetically-pleasing plant selections for visual delight.

Earthbound Landscaping is committed to growing healthy community in Louisville’s neighborhoods. In past years, we have donated our time and talent to beautify the natural landscape of our city through such programs as Cut It Out and the 7th Street Community Garden.  We know the area companies and individuals who will use our tree removal remains as firewood to donate to the elderly and under privileged. All plant containers get recycled as we use them throughout the season. Our crew know to recycle trash that we pick up, including the drink containers we use. The used oil from our trucks and equipment is also recycled into heating oil,and  given away for commercial building heating.