Earthbound Landscaping | Saving The Planet One Job At A Time
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Full-Service Landscape Management

We provide the analysis, planning and design to perfect your landscape management so that seasonal selections can fit right in to your overall design. We can assist you in building rain gardens on your property, and even do seasonal flower bed cleanups.  We can provide regular maintenance for vibrant ornamental beds, turf renovations, and other foliage.  At Earthbound, we will provide you with new landscaping plans for a greener, sustainable environment.  We stand ready to provide you with quality commercial and residential care.

Tree Care-Certified Arborist

We have practicing professionals in arborculture.  Call for a consultation with our certified arborist now. We can assist you with:  tree removal services after a storm, seasonal tree plantings, tree pruning services, or even tree selection for a new land site. We pride ourselves on having the best landscaping team to design, install and give maintenance to your commercial and residential landscape projects. A certified landscape architect is available to consult on any project or master plan!

Storm Water Solutions

We look to assist you in any of the following areas regarding storm water solutions:  green roof approaches, tree prunings, tree care associated with storm damage assessment, shrub re-plantings, and the use of heavier mulch,  if required. Gravel, spaced paving, and even grass can be used in making a driveway an asset in the rain.  Earthbound Landscaping is committed to excellence on each and every landscaping job. Our mission is to provide professional and top-notch quality service for you.

Earthbound Landscaping is committed to excellence on each and every landscaping job. Our mission is to provide professional and top-notch quality service for you.

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

In order to have a green healthy lawn, rich colorful flowers all season long, and irrigation system is mandatory. We pride ourselves in offering the most environmentally sound irrigation systems on the market, using the latest water saving technology. We incorporate drip tubing, specialized nozzles, and cutting edge control timer clocks that work with wifi to never waste endless amounts of water. Our team is aware irrigation is a wasteful practice, but its essential in providing the desired landscapes. With proper management you can save thousands of gallons of water each year.

De-Icing and Snowplowing

These services are provided under an annual contract. We decide which control is best for your business and make a plan early in October.  Spots are limited. We only will accept a few businesses, and residential estates, then focus on keeping them clear and protected throughout a snow or ice event. We do not bounce all over town trying to do as many businesses as we can. We know salting is a very harmful practice to our environment so we apply these agents as careful as possible and only when desperately needed. We will never blanket salt an area because there is a 50% chance it may freeze. Again, our strategic management practices place the environment first while making sure our customer receives exactly the care and protection they demand.

General Contracting Services

We would love to help you with your fence building, deck building, concrete patios, and any carpentry related services. We do not do stone masonry at this time. We can design a custom fence for the purpose of additional privacy or a custom deck for an inviting outdoor entertainment space. We look to transform your yard into an ideal outdoor living space, perfect for entertaining and enjoyment.


Commercial and Residential Landscaping Projects for the Louisville, KY surrounding areas


Understanding the Carbon Footprint

Earthbound is committed to offering excellent service in an environmentally sustainable manner to meet your landscape needs. We keep in mind our carbon footprint as we carry out any task that we perform on your property.  Small careful and strategic steps set us apart from other companies out there.

We put Mother Nature first while we make a plan for your property, always considering the best approach that causes the least amount of disturbance.

We would love to have an all organic and fossil fuel-based company, but after 15 years in business, we have realized for us that this is not a realistic approach.  We have found a better way, reaching more of a wider audience that we hope to educate and curtail their pollution, which includes potentially harmful products used in the landscape.

Since 2003, Earthbound has evolved into a progressive leader in the landscaping industry.

The owner & Certified Arborist, Grayson Shiprek,  is celebrating his 17th year in business. The growth of Earthbound Landscaping has been a slow and arduous process, with many learning experiences along the way. Some of our Earthbound employees have been with Grayson since the inception of the company, while others come and go each season. All employees are carefully screened and selected based on certain strengths. Each employee is involved in training seminars and continuing education.

Mr. Shiprek is certified as a Kentucky Nurseryman. Mr. Shiprek’s background also includes working as a carpenter during the winter months for a prestigious design build firm here in Louisville, KY. This hands-on experience is crucial for designing or building a landscape for a home.

Knowing the relationship between the landscape and the exterior of a house is extremely important and eliminates many problems that arise as time passes.

Homeowners want someone who understands how a deck should be built, how close the mulch should be against the house, and how the rain affects windows, basements, and interior walls. Earthbound is committed to excellence on each and every landscaping job. Our mission is to provide professional and top-notch quality service for you. Thank you for considering Earthbound, located in Louisville, KY, for your next landscaping project!

Our Mission: Earthbound Landscaping is committed to excellence on each and every landscaping job.

Intelligent Landscape Design and Implementation

We use our creative background and vast experience and knowledge to design landscapes that are beautiful, low maintenance, and require fewer chemicals. Did you know that careful placement of trees and shrubs can reduce a home’s energy and water usage?


We believe a home’s landscape should be a reflection of the homeowners’ personal values and tastes. We can take the lead in offering ideas that will lessen your landscape’s impact on the environment, and we will work with you to implement those ideas. We like to save where we can and replace old with new. We use the latest technology and science to save trees and landscape features.

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle!

We strive to recycle all yard waste into compost. Large trees and pruning material is ground into mulch that we use for our customers throughout the year. All plastic pots and containers from our jobs are either properly recycled or re-used again and again. Valuable trees that need to be taken down are carefully removed and turned into viable lumber for artisan carpentry.