Earthbound | Services
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Saving the planet one job at a time!

See how we strive to be different offering sustainable solutions

  • Landscape Management

  • We offer landscape management maintaining your landscaped areas through four seasons. We provide the analysis, planning and design to perfect your landscape management so that seasonal selections can fit right in to your overall design.  We stand ready to provide you with quality commercial and residential care. We have certified landscape architects on our team.  We pride ourselves on having the best landscaping team to design, install and give maintenance to your commercial and residential landscape projects.

    • Rain Gardens
    • Flower Bed Cleanups
    • Vibrant Ornamental Beds
    • Turf Renovation
    • Foliage Design
    • Spring Property Cleanup
    • Residential Landscaping
    • Design & Install Projects


    Looking for landscaping services? Give us a call at 502-228-2198.

  • Tree Care

  • Seasonally your property may require prunings, tree care associated with storm damage assessment and shrub re-plantings, large tree transplants, landscape lighting, large tree work and stump grinding.  Our mission is to provide professional and top-notch quality service for you.  Although we strive to save all trees, we can handle tree removal, when necessary.

    • Tree Pruning Services
    • Seasonal Tree Plantings
    • Tree Removal
    • Fall Leaf Removal
    • Stump Grinding
    • Tree Transplants

    Looking for tree care services? Give us a call at 502-228-2198.

  • Snow & Ice Control

  • Snow removal and ice control provided on a contractual basis for our full service customers.  In winter, we offer commercial snow plowing and salting when you need it most.  All of your projects are completed with Earthbound’s commitment to excellence.  We can work with you on all property management needs, as well as seasonal and renewable contract approaches.

    • Commercial Snow Plowing
    • Salting
    • Seasonal and Renewable Contracts
    • Full-Service Treatment
    • Property Management

    Looking for snow and ice removal? Give us a call at 502-228-2198.

  • Irrigation Services

  • In order to have a green healthy lawn, and rich colorful flowers all season long, an irrigation system is mandatory. We pride ourselves in offering the most environmentally sound irrigation systems on the market, using the latest water-saving technology. We incorporate drip tubing, specialized nozzles, and cutting edge control timer clocks that work with wifi to never waste endless amounts of water. Our team is aware that irrigation can be a wasteful practice, but it is essential in providing certain desired landscapes. With proper management, you can save thousands of gallons of water each year.

    • Drainage
    • Grading

    Looking for irrigation services? Give us a call at 502-228-2198.

  • Storm Water Solutions

  • At Earthbound, we look to control your site’s erosion and eliminate any standing water issues.  We look to providing stewardship to lakes and streams on your property through quality engineering and environmentally sound design.  We can use a wide variety of approaches to subsurface infiltration, and drainage, when necessary.  For new commercial developments, we look to elements of sustainable design that fall into low impact development (LID), which can be a useful land planning and engineering plan for managing storm water runoff.

    • Storm Damage Assessment
    • Shrub Re-Plantings
    • Plant Community Review

    Looking for storm water solutions? Give us a call at 502-228-2198.

  • General Contracting Services

  • General contracting services includes deck and fence construction.  We focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly approaches to your property, at home and at work sites. We’d love to work with you on your concrete patio project.  We do not do stone masonry at this time.  We do assist in barn cleaning projects, and other farm landscaping design.

    • Deck and Fence Construction
    • Concrete Patio Projects
    • Garden Project Planning
    • Sustainability Construction
    • Landscape Lighting
    • Sprinkler Systems
    • Barn Cleaning

    Looking for general contracting services? Give us a call at 502-228-2198.

Our Work Process

Step 1 – Understanding The Environment. 

Earthbound has made a pledge to use new pruning and lawn equipment that have strict air filter controls and fuel saving consumption standards set forth by the EPA. We have also chosen to use diesel trucks instead of the inefficient V8 gas and high performance 1-ton pickup trucks. We continuously rotate our fleet every several years to stay with the most efficient models.


Step 2 – Layout & Design. 

Choosing native plants or native plant material for mulching that does not require fertilizer and irrigation becomes a major benefit to our environment. Our experience eliminates the need for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides on the landscape.


Step 3 – Smart Design Planning. 

The goal of a smart design is to use your water waste. Much waste, excrement, detergents, and much else you put in your drain at home, goes directly into our recreation waters as a result of irresponsible landscape design. We generally take water away from the foundation and filter it through the use of grasses, perennials, shrubs and trees.


Step 4 – Toleration of a Natural Environment. Spot spray, if needed, instead of preemptively spraying the entire yard. Enjoy the green grass but surrender the idea that it must be green all season long. It’s not healthy for the turf, nor of our environment, to use fertilizers to green up the grass all the time. Aerating soil, using organic compost, and power seeding is the best beet in the long run.


Step 5 – Transforming Landscape Lights and Irrigation. 

The last main portion of our crusade is to remove all 120 voltage lighting systems and go with an LED low voltage system. If landscape lights are a must, low voltage lights are a major breakthrough for conservation. Next is the new drip irrigation systems. All university studies point out that overhead watering is the worst type of watering. The misting results in diseases and the need for powerful toxic fungicides. The alternative is using drop tubing that drops water where the root system needs it and not all over the foliage of the plant. Rain shut-off sensors, and remotes, both save and conserve water.


Step 6 – Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle.

Lastly, but still extremely important, at Earthbound we recycle everything we can. We use the landfill only as a last result. All plant material gets composted in to compost or mulch. All trees that are removed get made into mulch or milled into Grayson Shiprek’s carpentry stash.


We are constantly finetuning our approaches to land and water resources, and are happy to provide an education to save the planet one job at a time!